The Early Years

In 1955, the former head waiter Friedrich Jahn opened his first own restaurant in Munich's Amalienstraße called “Linzer Stüberl“, renamed soon afterwards as “Wienerwald“. For most people at the time, poultry dishes were a delicacy reserved for special celebrations. Jahn's menu, too, only offered a simple but popular chicken soup with noodles at first. A regular customer then inspired the founder of Wienerwald to a new idea: The student suggested that the chickens be roasted rather than boiled. This was the foundation of Wienerwald's later success: delicious, golden brown roast chickens as an affordable, everyday dish for all.


„Wissen S‘, Ihna Hendlsuppn schmeckt ja net schlecht,. Aber wer mag scho‘ jeden Tag Hendlsuppn essen!? Könnten S’net amal die Hendl braten?“
[In Munich dialect] “You know, your chicken soup isn't bad at all. But who wants to have chicken soup every day!? Couldn't you roast the chickens for a change?”


Jahn had a special hand at gastronomy. Together with his wife, Hermine, he too care that his patrons would feel at home in the matchlessly cosy atmosphere of his restaurant, quickly becoming regular customers. The Wienerwald founder's talent for the trade proved successful – the Munich branch soon enough wasn't big enough to cater for the growing demand, and new branches were opened in other cities.


A Chicken Conquers the World

Ten years after the first restaurant's initial opening, the Wienerwald family already counted 174 branches. During the eraly 1980s, people in 18 countries on four continents were enjoying Wienerwald roast chicken.

But this incredible expansion came at a high cost. In 1982, the enterprise, now a multinational corporation involved in a wide range of business activities, had to pay the price for the fast growth of the previous decades. Friedrich Jahn lost the business which was subsequently led by a number of different operating companies over the following 25 years.


Back in the Family

When, in 2007, the chance appeared to acquire the rights to the Wienerwald brand, the family of the late Friedrich Jahn (who had passed away in 1998) didn't have to think twice. As a result, Wienerwald is once again in the hands of the founding family. In the Munich Wienerwald headquarters, Jahn's grandson Daniel Peitzner is CEO of a dedicated team striving daily to keep up the long tradition of the enterprise, the strength of the brand, and to further develop the unique systems catering concept.

We want our customers to feel as welcome at our restaurants as Friedrich Jahn's regulars did at the first Wienerwald. At the same time, we are aware that we need to consider the specific requirements of the lifestyle of today. Therefore, some of our branches offer a home delivery service.

One thing, at any rate, is as important to us as it was to Wienerwald founder Friedrich Jahn: To offer our customers fresh, highest-quality chicken dishes in a comfortable atmosphere and at a fair price.





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