Die Anforderungen an Standort und Franchise-Partner



  • Cities from 50,000 inhabitants
  • Traffic arteries, retail parks, in the vicinity of shopping streets or business areas
  • Peripheral locations suitable for local supply, with a delivery radius of up to 3 km in every direction
  • Good visibility from the street
  • 3-5 Parking spots in front of the restaurant



  • Between 60 - 350 sqm
  • Commercial space, former snack bars, pizza deliveries, shops
  • Ideal area 200 sqm, of which 50 per cent will be sales, and 50 per cent auxiliary areas
  • Operation of grilling stations and general food processing must be permitted or eligible for permission
  • Existing ventilation and cooling systems are an advantage

Requirements regarding the Wienerwald franchise partner

  • Managerial competence and good social skills
  • Entrepreneurial talent and decision-making abilities
  • Experience in business administration
  • Small start-up capital
  • Experience in catering
  • Ability and will to cooperate and to succeed
  • If at hand: suitable location


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