With more than half a century in business, Wienerwald is among the world's longest-standing enterprises in the catering industry. The strength of the brand relies on our undoubted expertise which our customers appreciate:

Wienerwald, like no other enterprise, stands for delicious, golden brown roast chicken, cosy hospitality, and fresh products.


Cornerstones of our success

Our customers trust in the constant high quality and freshness of our roast chicken and poultry products. Our choice primary materials are supplied by selected farms and make for outstanding Wienerwald quality.

Brand tradition and product quality are the cornerstones of our success. Another important factor is our capacity to cater for the wants and needs of our customers of today. We not only offer them the possibility to satisfy their appetites in a quick and convenient way at low prices, our meals can also contribute to a balanced and healthy diet.

And our restaurants are known for their comfortable and welcoming ambience, appreciated by single guests, groups, and entire families.

As a Wienerwald franchise partner, you will get the chance to lead a successful enterprise through your commitment and our support.

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